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Bandsaw vs Scroll Saw – What’s the Difference?

Both scroll saw and bandsaw are cutting tools, but both are different. Many people don’t know the difference and that’s why they mistakenly buy a wrong cutting tool. The scroll saws are mostly used for crafting work and they operate without making too much noise. The band saws are fairly different. Band saws are used for cutting heavy objects like wooden blocks and metals. You need to know many of such things, when it comes to scroll saw vs band saw. The aggression of cutting material and usability of both cutting tools creates a big difference between them. So, check below given details to know how different both tools are.

Scroll saw vs band saw, aggression and usability

The scroll saw is a very necessary cutting tool, when you are crafting a wooden structure. It can be anything from an appliance to showpiece. The band saws cannot be used for crafting because band saw blades are thicker and wider than the blades used with scroll saw. Scroll saw would not be an appropriate choice, if you are planning to cut heavy wooden plaques and metal sheets. You will need robust blades and power of a band saw cutting tool to complete the cutting job quickly. The band saw can cut any material more quickly than the scroll saw and that’s why industries choose band saws, when it comes to scroll saw vs band saw.

Difference between blades of both tools

Hence, scroll saws are used for crafting work, short and thin blades of .25” width are used. It can oscillate at a very high speed and its maximum length would be 6”. The blades used in band saws are wider and longer than scroll saw blades. The width of band saw blades can vary according to type of cutting job those blades do. The typical band saw blades remain 6-11 feet in length and that’s why these blades are capable of cutting larger objects. The band saw blades oscillate at a continuous speed and these blades can rotate around the wheel installed in the band saw.

Turning radius

Professionals would always pay attention to this point. The scroll saw is capable of cutting tighter and smaller circles and that’s how these can take sharp turns for crafting complex design’s objects. The band saw blades are wider and these blades operate in limited radius. In other words, band saw blades cannot take turns as effectively as scroll saw blades.

Ability of cutting inside and outside

The small width of the blades allows scroll saws to cut inside the object. For example, you can cut inside a wooden plaque to craft and it won’t affect the outer edge of the plaque. The band saws can cut objects through perimeter to reach inner portion. It cannot cut inside any object like the scroll saws. Its wider blades can’t be removed to perform the operation.

Important factors that differentiate both scroll saw and band saw are mentioned above. You should consider these factors, when it comes to buying a perfect cutting tool.

  • November 8, 2016
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