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Best Band Saw Blade Reviews – How to choose the right ones

The band saw blades are used for cutting and furnishing a wide range of applications. You can get the band saw blades for cutting various materials like metal, wood and other materials. The selection of the best band saw blade depends on several things. Let us explain those essential factors in and check band saw blade reviews so that you can buy the best blade to complete your job.

Know the types

There are three main types of band saw blades, metal cutting band saw blades, wood cutting band saw blades and 3-wheel wood cutting band saw blades. These blades are differentiated according to type of alloy used for manufacturing it. For example, metal cutting blades are quite robust and these blades operate at the speed of 200fpm. The wooden cutting blades seem different because these blades are only used for wood cutting jobs. So, first consider the type of work you will take from the blade and then purchase a right one.

Finding the best band saw blade for metal

It seems amazing, but you can cut metal through a band saw blade. The manufacturers don’t use any special material to produce the metal cutting blades. These are stainless steel blades, which come with heat treated tips. The metal cutting blades can perform impressive job, if these blades have fine teeth or scalloped knife edges. You can certainly buy the metal cutting band saw blades, if you check the core properties of metal cutting blades and then choose a right band saw blade for your job.


Top band saw blades for cutting aluminium

Here you can find the wood cutting band saw blades quite useful. Aluminum is a soft metal and wood cutting band saw blades can easily cut aluminum sheets and products. However, if you want to complete the aluminum cutting job in the best possible way, you should use the metal cutting band saws. The band saw blades, prepared from carbon tool steel or premium Bimetal alloy, would be the best for aluminum cutting. Consider the thickness, teeth-per-inch from the band saw blade reviews.

Top rated band saw blades for resawing

The selection is quite important because you would not like to waste essential material just because you are using a poor quality band saw blade. You can find carbide infused resaw blades, which are perfect for cutting expensive materials like top-class hardwood. The top quality resaw blades offer perfect tooth design to perform the cutting work in an excellent way. These resawing blades can also be used for cutting soft metals. The users mostly use resaw blades to prevent waste of material and high-quality blades actually offer impressive job.

Excepting above given points, you should also know that how many teeth per inch a band saw blade should have. You should buy fewer TPI blades, if you want to speed up the cutting work. You should buy band saw blades with more teeth per inch, if you want better quality and finish in the cutting job.

Follow the suggestions and consider these essential factors and you will shortlist the best band saw blade for your job.

  • November 8, 2016
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