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This is the Best Portable Band Saw – Top Reviews

Choosing the best portable band saw can sometimes be difficult. Portable bandsaws are light in weight and they can be carried with you very easily. There will be maximum convenience and you will enjoy best cutting experience as well. As there are many types of portable band saws in the market, it will be difficult to choose the best saw for your needs. The factors which affect your decision include price, weight and features. As you go through product reviews, it is possible to settle for the best product without any issues. You can discover advantages, disadvantages and features and the most appropriate product can be chosen to fulfill your needs.

You should choose band saw that comes with user-friendly features. You can choose the top band saw so that your woodworking as well as metalworking needs will be fulfilled in a very efficient way. When you choose a reputed brand, there will be access to spare parts and you will get best support as well. You will get storage case and additional tools as well so that the unit can be maintained very easily. Here at Band Saw Report we found functionality, ergonomics, durability, and warranty are other major factors which influence your decision.

Top Portable Band Saw List


this is the best portable band saw

The deep cut portable band saw kit would help you perform a wide range of operations in an effortless manner. The unit is designed to carry out all kinds of job site applications in an effortless manner. The 10 Amp motor is designed to deliver power in a controlled way. The unit has 5” deep cut capacity. The unit will withstand job site abuse without any issues. Even though you are performing operations in a dark location, you will be able to see the cut line with the help of the LED sight light.

The front handle and castings will not be damaged as you can hang the unit without any issues. The speed of the motor can be changed as per the type of material and applications.


  • Powerful motor
  • Variable motor speed
  • Durability and convenience
  • Enhanced blade life
  • Easy maintenance
  • Ergonomic features
  • Comfort and accuracy


  • As it is heavy, the user might take some time to adjust with the unit
  • Should maintain it as per instructions so those components will not erode

Makita XBP02Z 18V portable band saw


If you would like to achieve fast and accurate cutting, you can go for Makita XBP02Z portable band saw. The unit can deliver 630 ft per minute in a very efficient manner. The weight of the unit is 7.5 lbs. There will be convenient operation so that you can make the most of your investment. The blade outside the cutting area is covered with the blade wheel cover. The unit is suitable for one-handed operation. The work area is illuminated with built-in LED light. The durability is very much enhanced with the protective bumper design.

The unit is 27% less weight than the competitors. There will be huge advantage when you cut in place or overhead. The unit meets the ANSI standard 6745-2-20. The dimensions of the unit are 14” x 23” x 11”. There are two handles and battery is not included with the kit. The manufacturer provides best customer support so that you can make the most of your investment. The Makita System is the world’s largest 18V Lithium-ion platform and it is possible to make the most of your investment when you choose the best system as per your needs.


  • It is a compact band saw
  • Cordless band saw
  • Built-in LED light
  • Tool-less blade change system
  • Protection of material with adjustable foot


  • Higher price range



The Lithium-Ion Band Saw with bare tool delivers great performance in an effortless manner. The unit is prepared to enhance ergonomic capabilities. There will be superior performance with the centered handle. The LED light with 20-second delay delivers excellent performance so that you will be able to work in areas where the light exposure is very low.

There will be less user fatigue and more accurate cuts can be managed. The integrated hang hook can be used so that the unit can be hanged without damaging the front base. The blade tracking mechanism enhances the blade life. The blade tension is loosened with the tool-less blade changing lever. The durability is very much enhanced with the dual bearing blade guide rollers. The user will have great flexibility as well as comfort in handling the unit.


  • Any 20 v Dewalt battery will work with the unit
  • The unit can cut copper, steel, and plastic very easily
  • It is easy to change blades
  • Lightweight and cordless tool
  • Versatile LED with 20-seconds delay feature
  • Precise cutting is enabled
  • Impressive battery life


  • No case is provided with the unit
  • Some users feel that the price is steep for a bare tool


The selection of best portable band saw should be done based on your requirements and priorities. You can perform any job with the help of DEWALT DWM120K. As there are number of useful functionalities, you should figure out your needs and the most appropriate unit as per the features and budget should be selected. Before purchasing a band saw, you can go through the ratings provided by users so that you will settle for the best unit as per your needs. You should go through the portable band saw reviews and guides to understand about prominent features and user-friendliness of products.

The capacity, power source, brand choice and price should be narrowed down to choose the most appropriate product to fulfill your requirements. You should opt for battery-powered device if you are working in an inaccessible area. As you cannot manage power cables, you should go for battery-operated portable band saw. The light weight and compact design will let you accomplish various kinds of tasks very easily. They will accompany in your traveling kit so that you can make the most of your investment.

Things to consider

It is not easy to move and carry a large tabletop band saw machine. In fact, you would not think to move it, once you have set it in your shop, industry or garage. A large band saw machines are not easy to move that’s why now you can buy small and lightweight cordless band saw to complete various cutting jobs. Yes, these cordless and portable band saws offer the same accuracy and performance as the tabletop band saws. These are battery powered cutting tools, which you can buy in the market. There are some guidelines for buying a portable band saw, which you must follow to buy the best tool.

Consider the right type of blade

The most important thing you should consider, while buying the cordless or battery bandsaw, is the type of blade. The blade is the most essential component of any type of band saw. Almost manufacturers provide portable band saw with 45” blade that offers cutting capacity of 4-1/2 inches. Ensure that the blade is robust enough to cut different materials like wood, metal and glass. It should be easily adjustable and it should be too thick so that you can’t see the cutting line of the subjected object. Always apply the rule of thumb, when choosing the portable band saw with top-quality blade. You won’t choose a wrong product for the cutting job.

Always choose a battery powered band saw

Typically, you get two choices in the portable band saws, cordless portable band saw and electric powered band saw. The cordless band saws are powered by a battery and these can be available with 28 volt battery. You can carry this band saw at any job site and perform the cutting job without using electric power. The small band saws can be useful in a room or space, where an electricity outlet is available otherwise you cannot use it. So, always invest in battery powered portable band saws.


Speed of cutting

A top quality portable band saw would always allow you to change the speed of the blade to cut the subjected object perfectly. The experts would agree that different blade speed is required to cut different type’s materials like wood, metal and so on. The speed also depends on the speed and the hardness of the material. Obviously, you would not cut the same object always and that’s why you should buy a portable band saw that offers multi-speed setting.

Safety and the work light

The cordless would always offer two handles to hold and operate the cutting tool. One handle is used for holding the machine and another is used to manage the power knob. Such a cutting tool would be the safest tool for portable use and it should also have a work light to provide perfect cutting.

The top class portable band saws include most of the features, we have mentioned above. Another thing you should check is the price of the cutting tool. Always invest in a portable band saw, which provides the best quality, cutting experience and which costs an affordable amount.

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