How to remove a tree stump with a chainsaw

Everyone wants a clean yard for their house, but dealing with trees, especially with the unwanted one will never stop after removing the tree, but also everyone should deal with its stump which can attract dangerous animals such as poisonous snakes to your yard. Instead spending your money in hiring experts to do this job, you can try to do this job by yourself using stump grinder together with chainsaw.

Steps for removing a tree stump with a chainsawafter the stump was removed with a chainsaw

  1. Prepare a stump grinder and chainsaw (rent or buy it if you don’t have one). Make sure that you have familiarized yourself with the tools before using them.
  2. Make sure that your chainsaw can help you deal with damage, nicks, and sharpness you will get from unwanted stump and fill enough fuel into the chainsaw. If it is needed, use a new blade for the chainsaw
  3. Before start working, wear safety goggles and work gloves.
  4. Take your chainsaw and turn it on.
  5. While holding the chainsaw, make sure that you hold it firmly and safely. Start cutting the unwanted stump and make sure you do it as close as possible to the ground where you found the stump
  6. Remove rocks, sticks and other debris you found after removing the stump. Take your stump grinder and make sure that the stump is behind your stump grinder with its wheel raised to 4 inches above it. Remember to keep the stump grinder wheel as close as possible to the stump.
  7. Turn on your grinder. Lower the grinder over the stump when the wheel began to spin. Start moving the stump grinder wheel back and forth slowly. Keep doing this until the stump has been chipped about 7 inches.
  8. Turn off the machine and pull your grinder. Any left over woods can be disposed off and you can use it to make soil fertilizer.
  • November 29, 2017
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