How to Take Up Woodworking and Basic Tools

No matter how you spend your days, selling Encyclopedias by the car full or tinkering with your Hollywood home security as a stay at home mom, there’s no better way to relax than woodworking if you ask us! Beginning this hobby can seem daunting but it doesn’t have to be here are a few suggestions for the novice.
Head to a Hobby Shop: Any local hobby shop can get you started with the right advice and the right gear to make the most out of your woodworking adventure. Ask anything you want and expect and answer!
Turn to the Web: Once you’ve got the materials you need watch informational and instructional videos on the right way to practice your new craft. You’ll learn in no time and you may even find a chat room to join!
Hire a Teacher: Woodworkers are everywhere there’s probably one in your neighborhood! Hire someone to instruct you at an hourly rate and watch your successes soar its not hard to learn the basics but its even easier with a great teacher and you’re doing your part to spread the craft.


Basic Tools for the Beginning Woodworker

When first venturing into the field of woodworking, it is important to be properly equipped for the task. Improper tools can make projects more frustrating and time consuming. Remember, it is more important to purchase high quality tools than to have a high quantity of tools as you are making your initial purchases.

Before setting off to the local hardware store, consider the types of projects you will be endeavoring upon. There are many tools that look alike but serve very different purposes. For example, the hammer selection of a hardware store can seem ridiculously large if you are not familiar with the different purposes and functions of the different styles. A general purpose hammer should have a 12 to 14 inch handle and a flat head with a claw reverse. Additional options such as wood handles, waffle faces and magnetic nail loaders are options to consider as your skills advance.

Most beginning woodworkers would benefit from a drill and a saw. Electric or manual driven options are available, but the decision should be based on the size of your intended project. A high quality bubble-level, tape measure and carpenters angle are also excellent first purchases that will be useful.

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