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You should select the most appropriate saw so that you will push it to its limits in an efficient way. It is very much important to choose the most appropriate one so that your needs will be fulfilled without fail. Band saws have the capability to cut curves as well as great capability for resawing as well. If you are choosing the top band saw for resawing, you should consider various factors including power, capacity, frame and sturdy base. The dust collection should be very efficient and you should use the right blade to accomplish the task.


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JET 18" 1 HP 1

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The band saw is fitted with four different guides. They are cylindrical, square, ball bearings and euro style guides. The unit should have user-friendly features and it should have the general bandsawing capabilities as well. You should never overlook electrical requirements while choosing the best saw. You should also ensure that you have required wiring and circuitry at the work area. Before placing an order on the website, you should go through the features and should assess your requirements. The quantity of cut and user-friendly features will dominate your selection criteria besides your budget.

For resawing, you should install a fresh sharp blade. If you purchase a unit with 1 HP, you can accomplish wide resawing without any issues. On the other hand, if you go for ¾-HP saw, you will want to test your patience. The base is available in various types which include open, panel, closed and floor. There are band saws with riser blocks and without riser blocks. A band saw with rear thrust bearing will support wide blades with side bearings. Thus, the adjustment can be done in the best possible way. You should be aware of the rear thrust bearing, adjustment knob, side bearings and rear thrust bearing as well.

As you go through the reviews presented by experts, you will be exposed to top features. You should also figure out your resawing needs so that the most appropriate one can be ordered online.

2017’s Best Value BandSaws for Resawingtop rated bandsaws for resawing

  • JET JWBS-18QT 18-Inch band saw
  • WEN 3962 Two-Speed
  • Lobo Machinery Corp. 18-in. Bandsaw BS-0181
  • SKIL 3386-01 2.5-Amp 9-Inch
  • Laguna Tools MBAND144200 14 SUV Bandsaw
  • Shop Fox W1706 14″ Bandsaw With Cast Iron Wheels & Deluxe Aluminum Fence


Laguna 3/4″ Resaw King Carbide Bandsaw Blade

The unit comes with carbide blades so that there will be very smooth cutting. The blade can withstand very high temperature and high-quality cutting efficiency can be enjoyed. The unique advantage with the bandsaw is that it has a patent-worthy design. It has shorter standing time and clean cuts are accomplished. The unit has anti-kickback feature as well.

The blade can be resharpened as per your needs. You will be able to use the bandsaw like a brand new device for many years without any issues. It is a value for money product. The Resaw King appears like a table saw blade. It has C8 carbide tipped teeth. Teeth are individually brazed and they were ground to perfection on a high-quality silicon steel backing. If you are looking for best resawing bandsaw, you can consider Laguna 3/4″ Resaw King.


  • The brand has great reputation for quality and efficiency
  • The cutting depth of the teeth is limited
  • Smooth finish cuts are produced
  • Standing time is reduced considerably
  • Great choice over conventional blades


  • You should slip the fence on and off the saw very carefully.

blade for best band saw for resawing

JET JWBS-18QT 18-Inch band saw

Jet JWBS 18” band saw comes with 1.75 HP powered motor. The band saw has a quick tensioning lever. You can take advantage of superior column rigidity with the triangular design frame. The unit can cut large pieces of wood in a very efficient way. You can cut book matched panels and veneers in an effortless manner. There will be added stability and work support with the inclusion of precision ground cast iron table. The unit has 4” dust port and it is connected to the dust collection system directly. Vibration will be eliminated with the precision computer balanced wheels.


  • Optimum stability
  • Quick release system for maximum convenience
  • Computer balanced wheels
  • Enhanced safety with dual locking doors
  • Adjustable ball bearing guide system
  • Comes with feature-rich products


  • There is scope for the improvement in the quality of fence

Lobo Machinery Corp. 18-in. Bandsaw BS-0181

The BS-0181 from Lobo Machinery Corp comes with top bandsaw features. It has cast-iron table and rip fence. You can take advantage of the safety foot brake as well. The unit will facilitate you cut a lot of thick stock in an effortless manner. The unit offers more horse power and extra capacity. You can get best features such as cutting ability, easy blade changing, and sturdy machinery. The bandsaw fares well in the frame-deflection test. The resawing capacity of the saw is 10.75 inches. The rip capacity is 17-5/8 inches.


  • Excellent curve cutting capacity
  • Cuts faster
  • Delivers great performance
  • With great horse power, you can accomplish many tasks in an efficient manner
  • Comes with safety food brake


  • Fence not adjustable for drift


If you would like to settle for the best resawing band saw, you should be aware of the procedure to accomplish resawing in hard and soft wood. The unit should have user-friendly features. Laguna 3/4″ Resaw King Carbide Bandsaw Blade is a value for money product. You can follow the band saw review very easily and various kinds of projects can be accomplished without any delay. It is a great bonanza to possess a top-quality bandsaw so that the wood working will be very smooth and efficient. The Laguna is very simple in its appearance and it delivers remarkable power. The bandsaw will certainly exceed your expectations so that you can make the most of your investment.

You can manage curved cuts very easily. As the manufacturer supplies quality components, there will be a great delivery of power. The massive table is ground to mirror finish. There will be great stability when you provide a very nice surface. You can cut wood and metal in the best possible way, and various construction projects can be completed very quickly.

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