The World of Bandsaws

If you have done some handy work around the house, you have used a saw. Most saws can do just about anything you need, but a band saw is a different kind of tool, as it is not only versatile, but can open up new ways to work as it gives you the ability to stretch what kinds of wood or metal projects you can tackle.woodworker

What exactly is a band saw and how does this tool work?

Primarily a band saw is a pair of wheels holding a thin rotating blade. Attached to this is a table that supports what you are working on and a motor to run the whole thing. In fact, there are kits to make any kind of band saw tools you are interested in and that would allow you to customize it for your own needs.

Band saws come in different sizes.

These sizes are based on two very important measurements: the first is the distance between the inner edge of the saw and the throat of the saw and the second is the depth of the cut. These are important to consider when choosing which of the band saw tools you purchase.

The other element to consider is the size of the table that will handle your material. The larger the table, the more it can handle. This is very important as you want to not find yourself in a situation where you are balancing too big a piece of material on a small table, endangering yourself as you try to balance your material while handling the saw.

Since all band saw tools have a tendency to vibrate, it is important that your band saw tools be well built. Floor models should be firmly attached to a sturdy cabinet. Bench models need to be firmly clamped or bolted to the bench where you will be using them to ensure band saw safety. Of course, checking that your blades have the correct tension before beginning each project is essential. Band saw Blades must be tensioned properly and the guides adjusted according to pre-determined needs for your project.

For many, the biggest reason to have any kind of band saw tools is for cutting compound curves. No tool does this better and for many, this alone is a reason to invest in this tool. But a band saw can do so much more. It can cut decorative moldings, build cabinets, rip lumber and cross cut short pieces. It is the one tool that can add a multitude of skills to your home project repertoire. With the right pre-project planning and safety precautions, adding band saw tools to your catalog of home project workbench tools will give you satisfaction for years to come.

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  • November 3, 2016
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