Top 5 Best Selling Wood Items To Make

When it comes to woodworking projects, there are a lot of avenues that you can take. If you’re serious about making money with wood projects, then you don’t want to go with trial and error. Too often, people go this route and end up giving up before they make a profit. It’s best not to go this route, especially if your goal is to make money. Getting a good set of woodworking plans is key, but more than that, focusing on what sells in your area is crucial. That’s where the following comes into play. There are several things that you can do in order to make a good living in this arena. It all starts with knowing the area you’re in, and then testing the market. However, if you’re not sure, these are tried and true options that you can sell with relative ease.

Cradle Projects

Everyone in your city at one point or another is going to have children, adopt, or has someone in their family that is going to give birth. With that in mind, you should build cradles. There’s a lot of need for cradles in general, but custom woodworking projects that create stellar options are definitely worth your time. Finish them, and leave some unfinished so that parents can paint them and decorate them on their own. You’ll find that this is a solution that is going to pay off dividends fast.

Bedside Cabinets/Night Stands

One of the most expensive things that you will find at furniture stores shouldn’t be so costly, and it’s the bedside cabinet and night stands. These can run upwards of a thousand dollars new, and you know what? They aren’t that hard to make. When you have the right plans in place, you can end up with something fantastic here. Finish them in a good tone, and you’ll find that people will give you money rather than spending the high mark up of a furniture store.

Gun Cabinets

In a large portion of this country, people love guns. This is something that sells well at gun shows, auctions, and flea markets. Gun cabinets lined with a good material, and finished properly will sell with a huge profit margin. These are simple to make, and can yield quite the hefty profit, in the right event and scenario. Not everyone will want this, but if you find the right crowd, they’ll line up and pay in advance for more.

Bed Frames

One of the coolest things that people love are bed frames. Companies like Ikea make a killing with these, and theirs are complex and don’t really have that good, hardwood construction. You could easily make this and sell them for a good profit, and you know what? Everyone has to sleep at one point or another. Platform beds are the ones that are usually the best in this arena.

Pool Tables/Billiards

Pool tables are going to be that one option that will get you paid a great deal. With the right felt, and the right build, you could sell every bar in your city a nice billiards table. These can profit you several thousands of dollars, and when people find out that you build these, your phone won’t stop ringing, that’s for sure.

These are just some of the ideas that you can work with if you get the right plans. Teds Wood Working Plans is the secret to success with these, because they focus on the right materials, build, and more. Test it out and see why so many are making money with woodworking and these projects that sell through every time.

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