Wood Crafting for Home Schooling Fathers

Home schooling is a great way to teach a child on their own personal level. It gives them a chance to learn at their own pace. A parent can take more time when the child needs it, to learn a specific subject and less when the child does not. Woodworking can be a great way to interact with a child while teaching them a valuable skill. One of the most important rules for doing wood working projects is to be as safe as possible. Remembering to wear protective goggles over eyes and thick gloves that are difficult to cut through can ensure the safety of the parent and child. Children need to know that woodworking tools are not toys and should not be played with. They should only be used with adult supervision.

There are a number of woodworking projects that a home schooling father can teach his children. Picture frames are always a great project especially for smaller children. It requires only a few simple pieces of wood, a T-square to help with angles and either wood glue or nails. The child can decorate their frame with paint, stickers or other types of decorations, once it has dried. Wooden bookmarks are great presents to make for relatives. The child will need help with the cutting and measuring of the wood, but can use a jigsaw on it to create designs or textured edges, then stain and decorate it. Keepsake boxes are a fun, easy project, which a child can keep forever. A parent would need to have pieced thicker wood and wood glue, as well as a lock style for the box. These can be made in any shape and size that the parent and child desire. Once the box has been created, it will need to be sanded to a smooth finish and stained or lacquered for a shiny even finish.

One of the most popular projects is designing birdhouses or bird feeders to place in nearby trees. Little boys often enjoy cutting and painting toy trains, planes or boats. These require more detail with using tools and measuring, but can last several generations if properly made. Little girls may enjoy cutting wood and creating their own cradles for their dolls to sleep in. Older girls may find creating and designing their own handmade dollhouses to be very exciting and worthwhile. When creating any type of woodworking project, the key factor is to be safe and enjoy the time and attention that it takes to create a beautiful, hand-made work of art.

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